Restaurant Safety and Cleanliness

Exhaust Cleaning

A dirty exhaust could shut you down. No joke. Fire Marshals and Health Inspectors don’t kid around. They are your judge and jury.

Regular exhaust cleaning keeps your restaurant compliant with insurance regulations. This means discounts. It also means that if you don’t comply, insurance may not pay out when you need it.

Fire Prevention – Exhaust System Cleaning

Fire. It’s the number one danger in a restaurant kitchen. According to FEMA, about 5,600 restaurant fires burn each year in the USA. Sixteen every day.

Kitchens are fire traps. Ovens … fry pans … woks … deep fryers … griddles … broilers … these all emit greasy vapors that grip to surfaces inside – and to some degree outside – the exhaust system.

Your exhaust system cleaning is absolutely essential for public safety, not to mention compliance with insurance regulations.

Pressure Washing

What do potential customers see when they first drive up to your restaurant?

A grimy exterior? A skanky parking lot? Take a hard look outside.

If you answer “Yes,” should we ask if your business is going south?

Call HSI … and get a professional pressure washing program in place.

Its quick and simple. It leaves you sparkling. And it’s VERY competitively priced.

Carpet Cleaning

Arizona is hard on carpet – fine dust grinds into them all day. They scuff, under tables. They fade. Traffic tracks become visible. Food spills. And syrup!!

Plus all the usual nasties that carpets naturally gather: skin flakes … microbes … bacteria … mold …

Airborne grease slowly coats everything in a fine layer of oil, which attracts and holds all that filth.

Soon … not only do they look less than picture-perfect; they’re moving into Health Hazard territory.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile used to be an old school.

But there’s a lot still around – and it’s coming back big time. Floors and walls.

Trouble is, grout catches grime and grease all day. Packs it in there.

Kitchens – floors, counters, walls, backsplash
Outdoor areas – decks, patios, porches
Bathrooms – Showers, floors, tubs
Traffic Areas – Hallways, staircases, foyers

New Flooring & Installation

Every restaurant is tough on floors.

Kitchens, bars, and entryways especially.

Flooring gets old. Fashions change. Vinyl gave way to the carpet, which gave way to laminate, which gave way to wood, which is giving way to durable, wood-look porcelain.

Engineered wood
Laminate (Pergo, etc.)
Natural wood
Tile, Composite and Porcelain
… and a whole lot more

Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchens are trash magnets.

Yes, they start out shiny. But the moment they start being used...

There’s water on the floor. Food scraps at your feet. Grease everywhere.

No matter how meticulous you are, it’s going to happen.

Soiled grease traps. Messy floors. Caked-on grime. Clogged burners. Overflowing garbage bins. Leaky refrigerators.

And that’s not all … but you know the list. Sometimes, given all you have to do, it just gets ahead of you.

This is the moment you call HSI.