Carpet Cleaning

A dirty exhaust could shut you down. No joke. Fire Marshals and Health Inspectors don’t kid around. They are your judge and jury.

Durability and Money. Extra bonus:  besides keeping colors bright and new, regular HSI Cleaning extends the life of your carpets. So you replace them less often – and save hundreds (maybe thousands?) of dollars in the process!

Don’t stop there. Be aware, this advice isn’t just for carpets. HSI Cleaning works perfectly on

Area rugs
Upholstered furniture

Tile & Grout Cleaning

It happens gradually. So you don’t really notice when the grout in your kitchen and bathroom tiles gets dirty; changes color.

When you do notice it is when guests come over … and suddenly you suddenly see your home as if through their eyes.

Kitchens – floors, counters, walls, backsplash
Outdoor areas – decks, patios, terraces, pool areas
Bathrooms – Showers, floors, tubs
Traffic Areas – Hallways, staircases, foyers

Air Duct Cleaning

Dirt. Debris. Bugs. Even Rats.

You’ll almost always find them in A/C ducts … though hopefully not yours.

Nasty but true … over time, your HVAC ducts clog up with debris and dust … which then blows invisibly all through your home. Bugs are up there, dead and alive. Often, rats and mice too (remember roof rats?).  Hantavirus, anyone?

HSI is meticulous in keeping the air you breathe as close to 100% clean as possible.

Licensed contractors. Specialized tools. Contact vacuuming. High-efficiency equipment that removes harmful particles and allergens to outside of your home. Way outside.

HSI scrupulously follows NADCA* standards for all air duct cleaning.

Upholstery Cleaning

There are lot of things go into making your old furniture look … well, old.

You probably don’t actually need new furniture. Unless you’re redecorating, of course … but not just because your favorite couch has acquired that old-fabric, slightly-soiled look. Because you can fix that, easy.

The same stuff that’s been working on your carpets also makes your furniture look old: grime … fine ground-in dust … mites and skin flakes … but also something you don’t usually find in carpets – body oils. Not pretty. And none too healthy.

But as we said, easily fixed with a single call to HSI at (602) 329-0100

New Flooring & Installation

Flooring gets old. Fashions change. Carpet gave way to laminate, which gave way to wood, which now gives way to wood-look tile.

We Sell, Install and Service All These:

Composite Tile
Engineered wood
Laminate (Pergo, etc.)
Natural wood
Porcelain Tile
… and a whole lot more

Pressure Washing

Don’t spend big bucks on repainting, when a quick and simple pressure wash could brighten up your house just fine. Takes less than a couple of hours. And all you have to do is call HSI.

High-pressure water powers away dinge and dirt … grease and oil … rain spots and streaks … layers of that fine Arizona dust we’re all so fond of … mold, mildew and all the other debris that makes your house look tired.

Pressure washing is safe for pretty much every surface: