Carpet Cleaning

Count on it: if it’s an office building, there’s carpet. Dirty footprints. Mud. Monsoon wet shoes. Dust. Grit. Not to mention bacteria … mold … pet dander … dust mite poop … and all the other nasties that live down there. Trust us, it’s gross.

Your carpets must be regularly cleaned. Vacuuming helps, but it’s not a solution. And many professional cleaners don’t get it right.

Heavy traffic, lots of people, brisk movement … clean every month
Medium traffic, fewer people, not overmuch movement … clean every six weeks. (Most offices choose this anyway, as a good compromise.)
Light traffic, occasional use … clean every three months

Pressure Washing

What do potential customers see when they first drive up to your place? A grimy exterior? An unsavory parking lot?

Take a long hard look, and ask yourself if you would do business there. Or shop there. Or live there.

Our Rapid Response Team will be at your door in a flash. We know what’s at stake.

We’ll get things moving without delay … limit additional damage … and reduce your expense.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Where there’s tile, there’s grout.

And grout, because it’s porous, catches dirt.

Which needs cleaning.

Kitchens – floors, counters, walls, backsplash
Outdoor areas – decks, patios, porches
Bathrooms – Showers, floors, tubs
Traffic Areas – Hallways, staircases, foyers

Air Duct Cleaning

Air ducts don’t just move air.

They move dirt. Debris. Bugs. Dead stuff.
HSI is meticulous in keeping the air in your buildings as pure as possible. Licensed contractors. Specialized tools. Contact vacuuming. High-efficiency equipment that ejects harmful particles and allergens outside your structures … way outside. HSI scrupulously follows NADCA* standards for all air duct cleaning.

New Flooring & Installation

Vinyl floor tile has been an office standard for years.

But flooring gets old. Fashions change. Vinyl and carpet gave way to laminate, now giving way to durable, wood-look porcelain.

We Sell, Install and Service All These:
Composite Tile
Engineered wood
Laminate (Pergo, etc.)
Natural wood
Porcelain Tile
… and a whole lot more

Kitchen Cleaning

Commercial kitchens are trash magnets.

Because mostly, employees don’t care much. “Let someone else do it.”Because mostly, employees don’t care much. “Let someone else do it.”

Health inspectors and fire marshals hate a dirty kitchen. Soiled grease traps. Messy floors. Caked-on grime. Overflowing garbage bins. Leaky refrigerators. But sometimes, given everything else you have to do, it just gets ahead of you. This is when you call HSI.