Is Your Carpet a Dirty Air Filter?

Turns out that gravity’s a pretty big help in filtering the air.  Usually you have to pay the electric company to force feed the air through the filter.  Air comes out the other side cleaner than it went in.  Eventually the filter cleans its last and needs changing.  Air filters really are a good thing.  You wouldn’t believe all the stuff that’s in indoor air.  Take outside air and multiply it by ten.  We’ve all seen it. The floaters in the sun light beaming into the living room.  You know, that little sliver of sunlight shining in between the otherwise closed curtains.  Well guess what?  You’re breathing those floaters.  They’re everywhere.  What possibly could those floaters be? Question: are you sure you want to know?  It’s hideous.  Avert your gaze before it’s too late: dead dog skin, dead bug parts, dead people skin, hair(of every kind), the common cold(can’t actually see that one),  fecal, dried urine, dust mites(can’t see them either), paint chips, wood, cotton, plastic, dirt, pollen, fungi.  In a word…dust.  Did I not give you fair warning?  This stuff floats around for a while, possibly a long while, but eventually lands somewhere.  That’s why and what we “dust”.  Wet dusting of course.  Right?  Dusting is fine…for the coffee table.  Not so much for the carpet.   I bet you’ve never thought of “dusting” your carpet.

Thank you gravity.  No, really thank you.  Gravity pulls it down and your carpet holds it there.  Unlike hard surface flooring, carpet isn’t hard.  Bet you didn’t see that coming!  Seriously, ever fall on it?  Hard surfaces don’t trap anything.  You just move “it” around as you walk by sending “it” airborne again until “it” is all trapped so beautifully in the corner…every single corner.  And the more time spent airborne, the more time for “it” to get trapped in your baby girls lungs.  Filters being what they are need occasional cleaning.  Not just vacuuming, but deep cleaning too.  A good HEPA, CRI approved vac will get about 80% of “it”.  You’ll want to do that at least weekly and more often in high traffic areas.  The remaining 20% is going to require deep cleaning by a CRI approved Green Label professional.  We don’t need no stinkin’ doctor rug MD rental PHD or whatever.  Professionals only.  They’ve got the suction, the agitation, and the attitude.  They live this stuff.  Don’t waste half the money, twice the time, and four times the aggravation for even less the clean.

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