How Mark Masters Saved the Day

Adventures in Carpet Cleaning

The other day I got a panic phone call, “Mark, I spilled a whole pot of tea on the carpet, Oh man, am I in trouble. At first I thought I was going to have to call Dave (our friend the attorney) and get divorce advice, but I’m calling you first.”
Now Tom has heard me speak about carpets a bunch of times, but I asked, “Did you get some water, vinegar and a dime size squirt of dish washing soap?”

“Of course, no store bought chemical cleaners, just the stuff you tell us to use. Anyway, “she who is in charge of keeping the house immaculate” came home and said, “Call Mark, now. So here I am.”

Tom, you did the right thing and when you get a couple more spots on the carpet I’ll come out or send my guys out and we’ll get it cleaned up, unless “she” wants it cleaned right now.

Tom’s wife (who is a lovely person, by the way) said to wait a couple of weeks. But she needed some reassurance so I told her, “It’s still wet and the tea will wick up from the carpet pad onto the carpet fibers. When it’s dry we’ll come out and get it cleaned up, let’s let it dry out first so that you don’t keep getting a return stain.”

Tom’s still married, his wife is happy and best of all he did all the right things when he spilled that pot of tea.

Who says Carpet Cleaning is dull stuff.

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