Dead Pet Skin in Your Carpet – Pet Dander and You

Pet dander.  How long have you been hearing that and wondered?  Dander?  Truth be told you’re probably going to wish you could un-know it.  It’s very, very small pieces of dead pet skin!  Think dandruff but really small.  Small like the common cold virus and breathe it into your lungs small.  Dander is between 0.5 to 1.5 microns big or should I say small.  A human hair is 150 microns.  You might say “I don’t have to worry ‘bout it ‘cause I don’t have a dog or cat”.   Well, that would b wrong.  Someone close to you has one.  70% of American homes have an indoor dog or cat.  They then have dander and so do you.  It’s in their hair, eyebrows, nose face, clothes, arms, hands, pants, shoes, and carpet.  They come over for the game 7 party and give some to you.   If you are lucky enough to have man’s best buddy or two, you’ve got it bad.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t end there.  You know the old joke about why dogs lick themselves?  Never mind, they just do and get saliva all over.  Urine dries on their hair after they piddle, and of course a bit of fecal hangs around too.  All this wonderful stuff dries out eventually and flakes off.  Can you say allergies?  At least 10% of us can.  And for half of them, dander is of particular concern.

A dog can replenish her entire skin at a rate of between 4 and 20 days depending on a few factors like breed and health etc.  Of course it’s just your luck that you’ve got the big dog on the 4 day cycle.  And you thought your neighbor was just being nice giving away those adorable puppies.  You probably aren’t going to get the dander stuck to the walls, but there are some common sense things you can do.  One of those things is carpet cleaning.  I’m talk’n deep down dirty, professional carpet cleaning.  Amateurs need not apply.  After it floats around a while, it lands in the carpet, and like an air filter, it needs occasional cleaning.  The pros will bring detergents that emulsify the tiny dander down deep(what a show off).  And they’ll bring equipment to pull that emulsified “dirt” out from the depths.  So now you and you best friends and family can get your money’s worth out of that expensive carpet and pad.

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